m e d i a

Audio of me reading at the Boston Poetry Marathon, Cambridge, MA, August 8, 2014:

Audio of me reading at the DeCordova Sculpture Museum, Lincoln, MA, July 26, 2014:

Video of me reading Poetry at U35 Reading Series, The Marliave, Boston MA, July 22, 2014:

Audio of me reading poetry at the Cambridge River Arts Festival, Cambridge MA, June 7, 2014:

Audio recording from my reading at The Boston Poetry Marathon. The three day event took place August 16-18, 2013, at Outpost 186 in Cambridge, MA.

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A 13 minute promotional video I shot for the release of some deer left the yard moving day.  

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A reading by Andrew K. Peterson for the release of bonjour Meriwether and the rabid maps, from Fact-Simile Editions on Vimeo. The reading took place at Moonstone Arts Center in Philadelphia.

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A reading at Dikeou Collection, Denver, CO, hosted by Fact-Simile Press 
as part of the release of The Ash Anthology publication. 
November, 2009 (video courtesy Celeste Davis)